Mario Cossa – The Masks We Wear. The Faces We Put On.

Empowering Practice: Integrating psychodrama, sociodrama and other modalities

Mario-CossaThe masks we wear. The faces we put on

Mario Cossa, a central figure in the American psychodrama community, will be bringing his touch of the tropics to our conference in August. He combines his enthusiasm for psychodrama with a life-long involvement in the theatre. He has provided us with the following photographs which give an indication of what we might expect in his workshop.

Whilst London cannot offer lush jungles and heat, it can offer the calm of the royal Savill Garden in Windsor Great Park, only ten minutes by car from the conference venue and the world famous tropical hot houses at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, with its acres of well tended borders and woodland, still less than half an hour away by car or taxi. 

Take the opportunity when joining us in London to visit these unique gardens.  Paul Holmes     Conference Blog…

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